I am in my fortieth year of clinical practice, and some days it shows more than others! I lead a full and varied life and bring all my acquired experience, curiosity and learning to my work.

I trained in Japan in the 1970's in Zen Buddhism and a traditional 'dry needling' acupuncture. I was also introduced to Chinese herbal medicine in South Korea during this time. I completed post-graduate study at the University of Technology in Sydney in Clinical Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine. My path has not only introduced me to classical and modern techniques but also to the ways of the East and the West. This experience enables me to relate to a wide range of clients as well as treat a broad range of conditions.

I was introduced to Eastern medicine and acupuncture because of my personal health needs. I was fortunate enough to personally experience the benefits; enough, in fact, to stay in Japan for many years and dedicate myself to it's study. Over my life I have experienced my fair share of illness and injury and have learnt that humility and respect is the only way to approach adversity. I bring this same approach to my clinical practice and can personally relate to my clients who are suffering and going through hard times. Thus I am able to empathise with my clients. In fact, I have learnt that illness and injury are for most of us an inevitable part of life and that it need not be daunting or defeating. 

I believe in a holistic approach and a holistic care of the physical, emotional and spiritual self. I have learnt that illness and injury need not become our adversaries but can be our most valued teacher and teach us, most importantly, about personal responsibility and ownership. My experience is that, although we all rightly seek to overcome our affliction, the development of a sense of empowerment can become an enduring outcome. My greatest satisfaction is when my clients not only recover but discover new sources of inner strength and resilience.